A virtual gallery of contemporary fine art…

Will make house calls to your home or office.

“If it commands attention, it’s Culture.

If it matches the sofa, it’s Art.”

– Robert Williams

New Improved Art is a virtual fine-art gallery with no permanent exhibition space.

Instead of spending money on exorbitant rents in New York and then using the gallery space as an expensive storage facility, New Improved Art shows only at art fairs around the world, allowing collectors to acquire original contemporary art by living artists at affordable prices.

New Improved Art, which specializes in contemporary fine art, is guided by a vision to introduce art into the world art that focuses on higher consciousness, healing and the spiritual realms — as well as art that deals head-on with the social and political issues of the world.

Both beginning and seasoned collectors are invited to engage in an open dialogue about how and why art is relevant to the greater cultural, social and human experience in contemporary life and how it can improve the quality of our lives..

The gallery directors are available to discuss the work and are always able to help in the acquisition or placement of a particular work if desired.

New Improved Art represents a select group of emerging and mid-career artists working in a variety of media.

The gallery’s mission is to promote its artists’ careers through exhibitions at contemporary art fairs as well as placement in public and private collections worldwide.

New Improved Art represents international artists Jens Diercks, Kana Otofuji, Eugenia Pardue, and Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak, RV (Robin van Arsdol) and Uri Dowbenko and is always seeking new and innovative artists.

All artwork is sold on an approval basis with a money-back guarantee.

Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) will accompany each artwork.

Collectors can keep the artwork for 60 days — and if it doesn’t meet approval, it can be sent back for exchange.

Please call 406 333 9000 (or email us at virtualagency(at)  to arrange for a personal consultation in your home or office. As curators and personal art consultants, we make “house calls” to your location — and we’ll bring available artwork to see how you like it on your walls. If you have any walls left — it can’t get any easier…